Our Services

We provide expert maintenance services and spare parts for all types and brands of cranes and industrial hoists. Our aim is to increase the safety and productivity of our customers' operations.

  • Maintenance and Repair of Overhead Cranes

    It is essential to have an active inspection and preventive maintenance program to increase safety and productivity.

    Regular inspections and preventive maintenance help identify risks and opportunities for improvement and contribute to compliance.

    We propose a Preventive Maintenance program taking into account the following main issues:

    • Continuous and extensible use of the equipment's useful life;
    • Increase in the rate of productivity, breakdowns and associated cost reduction;
    • Retrofit projects of old equipment, based on fast and low replacement cost of components, introducing new technologies and automation, in order to improve the efficiency of the equipment and prolong its life cycle.

  • Wind Towers Maintenance

    The experience of almost 70 years in the field of specialized metalworking and 18 years in the production of wind towers allows us to offer our customers a complete range of on-site services for wind towers, metal structures and tower interiors:< /p>

    We have specialized teams with diversified skills, which allow us to respond to different situations in a single trip, with obvious gains in terms of deadlines and costs.

    Given the long life cycle of a wind tower, identifying and repairing specific defects is essential to avoid very high costs in the future.

    Complete on-site inspection and diagnosis
    Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) - Ultrasonic, Particle Testing
    magnetic, dimensional inspection
    Welding - Processes 111/SMAW, 135/136 GMAW, 141 GTAQ
    Surface treatment
    Interior inspection and repair
    Preventive and corrective maintenance programs


    ISO 9001:2008
    EN 1090 Classe 3
    ISO 3834-2

    Certifying entity

    Tuv Rheinland

  • Sale of Spare Parts

    Our After-Sales Services team performs services in all lifting equipment produced by Pinto Brasil Renováveis - Tegopi:

    • Inspection and Diagnosis;
    • Repair;
    • Preventive Maintenance;
    • Retrofitting;
    • Adequacy of equipment to legal requirements;
    • Equipment Certification;
    • Load Test;
    • Spare parts and accessories;
    • Custom Solutions.

  • Cleaning Photovoltaic Panels

    We provide cleaning services from the most complex photovoltaic panels mounted on roofs to large solar parks.

    By ensuring that the entire cleaning is carried out by us, it allows us to maintain and execute excellent cleaning techniques, while maintaining the security of service to all our customers.