We Are Raising the World Again

We have developed a wide range of lifting and handling equipment, suitable for the most diverse areas of activity, conditions of use and technical requirements; from standard solutions to special projects developed according to each situation.

We value technology and knowledge

The epithet honors us and we are proud to see TEGOPI's experience and quality recognized. In fact, we act as a reference for the market.
In a permanent and passionate effort of research and process reengineering and with the support of innovative power engineering tools and technologies, we create solutions that meet the most complex and daring challenges of modern engineering.
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Unstoppable in everything We Do

We dedicate our effort to reach higher than the sky. We are specialists in working at heights.


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Standard Products

  • Wall Jib Crane

    MPB's Wall Jib Cranes are characterized by their high quality construction, using the best materials. Combined with the best selection of materials, this range of cranes scrupulously meets the highest quality and regulatory standards, making up the best final product.
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  • Pillar Jib Crane

    MPB's Pillar Jib Cranes have a high quality of construction, the result of the best choice of materials, and, combined with compliance with the regulations in force, make this range appear as a final product of excellence. Combining these factors, everything leads to light and versatile Pillar Jib Cranes.
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  • Full-rotation Jib Cranes

    Built by combining the range of flag cranes on PPI and PPT pillars, with electric motorized rotation, it results in the product with automated rotation, as well as increasing the angle of action to 360º, thus allowing total revolutions.
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  • Gantry Cranes

    When the installation of a full-rotation, wall or pillar cranes, it is not possible and/or it is imperative to move loads, moving them horizontally, the MPB range of gantries appears to meet these needs, allowing to increase the degrees of freedom to the three dimensions of space.
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  • Hoists

    MPB hoists are designed not only for lifting loads on bridges and cranes, but also for special applications. Installed on fixed or mobile structures, they are much more than winches. With smooth starts and stops, it is possible to position loads precisely. Suitable for single-beam and double-beam structures.
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  • End Carriages

    MPB end carriages are compact trolley mounted displacement units for direct connection to bridges or other lifting structures. They are built to withstand high torsion, and equipped with bearings and gearmotors.
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Special Projects

  • Goliath Cranes

    We offer solutions in single girder and double girder profiles, which work on rails to move longitudinally in a motorized way, offering a high level of safety during operation.
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  • Semi Goliath Cranes

    Semi Goliath Cranes are a good choice when you want an overhead lifting solution that only covers part of your facility. Our team can produce semi-gantry cranes that only span a specific machine or a specific workstation.
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  • Overhead Cranes

    Standardized cranes up to 50 ton of load and 30 m of span. Bridges with specific projects - above 50 tons of load or for special applications developed according to the specific characteristics of each situation.
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Capable of big projects

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