We are Raising the World Again

Energy until the last second.

We develope a wide range of lifting and handling equipment, suitable for the most diverse areas of activity, conditions of use and technical requirements; from standard solutions to special projects developed according to each situation.

TEGOPI is once again lifting the world.

Pinto Brasil Renováveis, S.A. maintains the heritage and know-how of TEGOPI, which since 1946 has been developing solutions adapted to the challenges of its customers.
The mission of our team of engineers and specialized technicians is to identify critical factors and propose innovative, reliable and cost-effective solutions.
We specialize in welding and forming of high yield strength steels. We comply with the most stringent industry standards and have been certified by recognized international organizations.

We manufacture a wide range of overhead cranes for different sectors of activity, adapted to your needs.
We are specialists in matters related to lifting and handling processes.
Our Specialized Technical Assistance performs maintenance services in any type of equipment, produced by PBR TEGOPI or by third parties. These services include preventive maintenance, equipment certification, inspection and modernization.

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